Dragon Boat Festival

There are many Dragon Boat Festivals in countries of the East and the West, but this event originated in China. The Dragon Boat Festival is also known in the country as Tuen Ng, Zhongxiao or Duanwu Festival, and it occurs on the fifth day of the fifth month of the traditional Chinese calendar.

This traditional celebration is meant to prevent evil or disease and promote health and well-being. The main event, obviously, is the dragon boat race. Boats used are made of teak wood and are brightly decorated, with the front end shaped like the head of an open-mouthed dragon and the back like a scaly tail. The boats, with varying sizes and designs, will travel through rowing with up to 80 people per boat. The first team to grab a flag at the end is the winner.Other activities include preparing and eating zongzi, a sticky rice treat wrapped in bamboo leaves, and drinking realgar wine. Participants also hang up icons of a mythic guardian figure named Zhong Kui, along with calamus and mugwort. They also take long walks wearing perfumed medicine bags. In addition, they also write spells and play games, such as making an egg stand at exactly noon, wherein people who succeed will receive luck the next year.

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